Engineering Economics, Inc. (EEI) is knowledgeable in jurisdictional sustainability codes, which provides owners with an assurance that federal, state and local codes and requirements will be met.

In California for example, EEI is on the forefront in providing CALGreen commissioning services to support the requirements for the 2010 California Green Building Standards.  These standards are unique to California, and differ from the requirements of LEED Commissioning. 

CALGreen Commissioning

In 2009, the California Building Standards Commission issued the 2008 Green Building Standards Code.  Compliance with the code was voluntary (unless otherwise adopted by local jurisdictions) through December 31, 2010.  In January 2011, the 2008 code was replaced with the 2010 code, which required state-wide mandatory compliance. 

Under the code (section 5.410.2), building commissioning became mandatory.  The code (section 5.410.2) states: 

"For new buildings 10,000 square feet and over, building commissioning shall be included in the design and construction processes of the building project to verify that the building systems and components meet the owner’s or owner representative’s project requirements. Commissioning shall be performed in accordance with this section by trained personnel with experience on projects of comparable size and complexity.  Commissioning requirements shall include:

  1. Owner’s Project Requirements
  2. Basis of Design
  3. Commissioning measures shown in the Construction Documents
  4. Commissioning Plan
  5. Functional Performance Testing
  6. Documentation & Training
  7. Commissioning Report

All building systems and components covered by Title 24, Part 6, as well as process equipment and controls, and renewable energy systems shall be included in the scope of the Commissioning Requirements."

The following links provide additional information regarding CALGreen and CALGreen Commissioning:

State of California - Building Standards Commission - Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen)

State of California - Building Standards Commission - Guide to the California Green Building Standards Code - Non-Residential (Commissioning) 

EEI has multiple offices in California and is very familiar with the new CALGreen Commissioning requirements.  Contact EEI today with any questions you might have concerning CALGreen and for a free consultation concerning your project.



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