Building Re-Tuning from PNNL

As you may remember, EEI recently published a whitepaper that acts as a simple guideline to getting started on energy benchmarking. We were happy to see the the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has published an extensive website with resources on understanding the Building Re-Tuning™ process. Whether you’re a seasoned commercial building pro or just starting to hear about benchmarking and re-tuning  mandates in your area, this site can offer you valuable advice on getting started with your assessment.

EEI is currently working on many re-tuning and benchmarking projects throughout the U.S., including commercial and government buildings in Hawaii and Washington state. Often times, these types of projects will turn into retro-commissioning projects, as benchmarking is very similar to a paired-down retro-commissioning effort in facilities. We recommend assessing your facility’s performance at many stages throughout the life of the building, as there is often significant room for improvement in energy-consuming systems.