Fire Station 20 Sets a New Environmental Standard in Seattle

High Performance Buildings recently published an article on Seattle’s Fire Station 20, an EEI commissioned building that boasts many sustainable features. The City of Seattle took on a specific challenge in setting a goal to attain LEED Platinum Certification, and the project achieved LEED Platinum with 98 points in 2015; the highest scoring fire station in the U.S. that year! Called “The Most Sustainable Fire Station in the USA” by the Urbanist, Fire Station 20 has made huge strides in the advancement of emergency facilities, setting a standard of excellence in design and engineering for future similar builds. With goals of reducing carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption from that of similar buildings, the fire station follows the guidelines from the Architecture 2030 Challenge.

Fire Station 20 was an aging facility that was too small to support the needs of the Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle. Residents of Seattle voted in 2003 to either upgrade, renovate, or replace several of the City’s neighborhood fire stations to meet codes and standards for firefighting. Design of Station 20 began in 2010, and when the station opened in 2015, the new facility met almost all of the USGBC’s LEED credit factors. The building boasts a ground source water-to-water heat pump systems to provide heating and cooling, a flat-plate heat exchanger that recovers energy, and a rooftop 35 kW photovoltaic (PV) array that provides clean energy to the station.

If you’re in Seattle, you can take a self-guided tour of the station to learn how public buildings use sustainable building practices without sacrificing comfort or space. Fire Station 20 was one of seven fire stations in Seattle that EEI was selected to commission. Several of these buildings included LEED Certification standards that EEI helped the owners reach. Please join EEI in congratulating the City of Seattle, Fire Station 20, and the design and construction teams involved in this innovative project on a job well-done!