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Engineering Economics, Inc. (EEI) has extensive experience in delivering LEED commissioning services.  EEI has been the Commissioning Authority for more than 400 buildings throughout the United States, a number of which are highlighted in the Projects section of this website.  EEI has played a key role in helping our clients achieve Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels of certification.  

EEI is a corporate member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and many of our staff members are both LEED Accredited Professionals and Certified Commissioning Authorities.

Our Services

EEI’s LEED commissioning services include both Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning.  Fundamental Commissioning of Energy Systems (EAP1) is a pre-requisite for achieving LEED certification for new construction, renovation, or retro-commissioning (LEED O&M) projects.  Enhanced Commissioning (EAC3) is an optional LEED activity that is worth two points toward LEED accreditation. EEI can also complete the requirements for Measurement and Verification (EAC5) and Indoor Air Quality Management (IEQ3), optional LEED activities that can provide multiple points toward LEED accreditation.

EEI's LEED Fundamental Commissioning services include:

  • Serving as Commissioning Authority
  • Reviewing Owner’s Project Requirements
  • Providing commissioning specifications
  • Developing a commissioning plan
  • Developing a start-up checklist
  • Developing functional test procedures
  • Performing on-site functional testing of equipment/systems
  • Providing commissioning process documentation
  • Tracking commissioning correspondence/reports
  • Providing a final commissioning report

EEI's LEED Enhanced Commissioning services add:

  • A focused review of the Owner Project Requirements, Basis of Design and Design Documents prior to the 50% completion of Construction Documents
  • A focused review and back-check of the Construction Documents prior to completion
  • Contractor equipment submittal reviews
  • Training verification
  • Systems manual development
  • On-site, post-occupancy system operation and performance review

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