Shotgun House Wins 2017 Sustainable Innovation Award!

Photo by Stephen Schafer,

Santa Monica’s sustainable “Shotgun House” has quite a unique history. Built sometime in the 1890s, the house is the last of its kind in the Santa Monica area. The small structure is built with three rooms that all connect to each other, and it’s referred to as a Shotgun house because if all doors are open, one could shoot a bullet straight through from the front to the back of the home. The house was threatened with demolition multiple times since 1998 and has been moved three times, according to the LA Conservancy. Local community members petitioned to keep the house as a historically preserved site, and the house now serves as the Santa Monica Conservancy’s Headquarters.

EEI offered to commission this historic landmark as a pro bono project, and the Shotgun house was recently awarded LEED Gold by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). The house was notable for using 95% of its original materials, recycling 95% of construction waste, and including a sustainable garden. The grand opening of the house in January 2016 brought over 250 visitors to celebrate the re-purposing of this historic structure.

We were thrilled to learn that the Los Angeles branch of the USGBC is awarding the Shotgun House a Sustainable Innovation Award in 2017. Dominique Hargreaves, Executive Director of USGBC-LA, was appreciative of the time and effort that went into this project, “The jurors appreciated the innovations that you documented and agreed that your project was way beyond rating system requirements or code and really demonstrated excellence in design and construction AND preservation.”

The award will be presented at the USGBC’s 7th annual Green Gala event in Los Angeles on November 30, 2017. The awards this year are unique in that, “Unlike standardized rating systems, the Sustainable Innovations Awards evaluate merit based upon sustainable strategies that demonstrate exemplary performance by going above and beyond LEED credit achievement.”

Thank you to the USGBC and all of the firms involved in this project for making the Shotgun House an achievement in sustainability!