A Message from our VP of Engineering Regarding COVID-19

Jeff Nichols Profile

Jeff Nichols, VP of Engineering

As we move forward with our daily lives, we have all been impacted personally and professionally in the severity of the virus’s effect on every aspect from how we lived before COVID-19.

EEI’s top priority is in the safety and wellness of all we serve and work with; our team, customers, partners, and of course, our families and loved ones.

As we begin to re-open and get back to our places of business, EEI is providing some useful information and guidance on this resource page. There is a lot of emerging information out there and we believe we can at least provide some partial answers and useful solution strategies, supported by valid science and respected industry group knowledge.

To this end, we are here to assist you in making good operational decisions with regard to assessing facility strategies which are aligned with the most current advisory guidelines as we transition from stay-at-home.

A good place to start is reviewing OSHA 3990 -03/2020 Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19.

Lastly, we wish to thank all of those courageous essential workers, our first and second responders, and those in the healthcare realm taking care of us and working to stamp out this virulent pandemic.

Together, with our spirit of courage, hard work, and innovation, we will prevail.