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New Airport Launching in Utah

Click on the image to read all about the new SLC Airport! The new Airport at Salt Lake City (SLC) will fully open for business on September 15, 2020! SLC serves more than 26 million passengers a year from facilities designed 50 years ago, when they intended to serve half as many travelers. ... read more >>

New Airport Launching in Utah2020-09-09T15:54:26-06:00

Schools and Airborne Infection

Reopening Schools? Facility Airborne Infection Resources are Now Available! A challenging issue for facility administrators is how to prepare schools for safe reopening this fall. CU-Boulder just released the publicly-available COVID-19 Airborne Transmission Estimator. This tool provides semi-quantitative results for airborne infection risk probability for SARS-CoV-2 virus transmission; a difficult metric to predict up to ... read more >>

Schools and Airborne Infection2020-08-05T15:49:50-06:00

Update: COVID-19 Airborne Concerns In the News

Last week, we posted a story about the likelihood of COVID-19 being an airborne virus. Since then, quite a few news stories were published addressing the very topic. Today, we would like to share a few more interesting resources that were published over the weekend. NBC Nightly News broadcast on July 2nd covers the importance ... read more >>

Update: COVID-19 Airborne Concerns In the News2020-07-06T17:20:05-06:00

COVID-19 Spread through Tiny Aerosol Particles Inside? What We Know Now

How many COVID-19 virus particles exist indoors? The jury's still out on the aerosol spread rate. The question remains: Does COVID 19 Spread through Tiny Aerosol Particles Inside? It may be years before the science confirms how COVID-19 is most readily spread. EEI takes a conservative position because we still have so much ... read more >>

COVID-19 Spread through Tiny Aerosol Particles Inside? What We Know Now2020-07-06T14:36:35-06:00

6 Ways Facility Analytics Help Manage COVID-19 Concerns

No one can dispute a simple fact: Coronavirus quickly and dramatically altered our way of life. Whether that be through a different way of working, a newfound sense of caution while interacting with others, or a drastically altered consciousness of how often we touch our faces, this virus impacts everyone’s behavior. And now, as we ... read more >>

6 Ways Facility Analytics Help Manage COVID-19 Concerns2020-05-06T12:31:57-06:00

EEI is Hiring! Electrical Systems Consultant and Project Managers

EEI offers facility consulting careers to candidates who show leadership in their fields of expertise. We set a high standard for our organization and seek outstanding people who measure up to it for our facility consulting careers. You supply the skills and the drive to be successful – and we provide an environment to ... read more >>

EEI is Hiring! Electrical Systems Consultant and Project Managers2020-05-02T20:28:13-06:00

EEI COVID-19 Facility Assessments

Facility Assessments to aid in the prevention of infectious airborne diseases like COVID-19 Our teams continue to monitor updates relating to COVID-19 and getting back to work. Specifically, we track resources from ASHRAE, OSHA, and the CDC to understand infection control guidelines as they relate to building systems. We found the recent article ... read more >>

EEI COVID-19 Facility Assessments2020-04-22T16:08:02-06:00

A Message from our VP of Engineering Regarding COVID-19

Jeff Nichols, VP of Engineering As we move forward with our daily lives, we have all been impacted personally and professionally in the severity of the virus’s effect on every aspect from how we lived before COVID-19. EEI’s top priority is in the safety and wellness of all we serve and work with; ... read more >>

A Message from our VP of Engineering Regarding COVID-192020-04-20T11:18:04-06:00

Coronavirus Infection Control Part 3

You may be able to alter the settings in Air Handling Units (AHUs) to increase dilution and reduce infection in your facility. Pictured here is an AHU that EEI is re-programming for an archives facility in a state library. We conclude our Coronavirus infection control series in response to the ASHRAE article ... read more >>

Coronavirus Infection Control Part 32020-04-14T13:37:20-06:00

Coronavirus Pandemic Ventilation Part 2

Ventilation to prevent Coronavirus infection in Healthcare facilities is extremely important to 'flatten the curve' of the pandemic. As we all do our part to 'flatten the curve' of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone also recognizes the importance of educating ourselves. EEI's commissioning expertise focuses on optimizing the built environment. We can’t tell ... read more >>

Coronavirus Pandemic Ventilation Part 22020-04-07T14:24:49-06:00