BalanceCx, EEI’s cloud-based facility analytics software, was specifically developed by EEI to demonstrate system performance for commissioning and facility operations.

You may have heard of ‘Smart Cities’ or ‘Smart Data’, and BalanceCx contributes to the ongoing evolution of smart technology. It allows us to advance the concept of commissioning beyond getting a snapshot in time of a facility’s systems to persistent monitoring and rapid identification of issues and solutions. Are there other facility analytics solutions available to owners and operators? Of course! But BalanceCx is the first fully-customizable software that was developed by commissioning experts with commissioning solutions in mind. Here are some other advantages to choosing BalanceCx:

  • BalanceCx works out-of-the-box at any stage in your facility’s useful life: Whether you’re exploring a new construction monitoring solution or your facility is aging, you’ll be able to start getting data early and won’t have to worry about expensive start-up costs or outsourcing programmers to learn your software. In a new construction, we can determine progress based on how many assets have pasts functional testing consistently, allowing our team to report out to the construction team on progress.
  • We’ll automate the process so you can focus on critical path issues: Our technology and our people are what sets us apart. EEI’s business is primarily focused on commissioning; it’s not an added service or afterthought to MEP Design. We know that listening to our client’s needs will help us deliver on our promises, and we are focused on making the experience of working with us worry-free.
  • Your data viewed easily: BalanceCx software goes well beyond typical Fault Diagnostics and Detection (FDD) by offering tailored dashboards and faults logs that clearly display system operations to commissioning agents, owners, and construction team members during early project phases.
  • Persistent, ongoing solutions: BalanceCx can and should continue to provide owners post-construction services as an operational tool assisting your facility staff in ongoing assurance of performance in a Monitoring-based Commissioning (MBCx) role.
  • Access to subject matter experts all over the country: EEI is highly selective about the people we bring on board. Rather than simply looking for team members who “fit the mold” of a typical commissioning agent, we have staff with backgrounds in Construction Management, Test and Balance, Electrical Services, Computer Programming, and more! This allows our clients to get quick responses on complex issues that wouldn’t be available to less diverse firms (interested in a career with EEI? Check out our careers page!)

Please click on the image below to view some of the anticipated mandates for the future; a great reason to start researching MBCx today!

We invite you to contact our BalanceCx team today to learn more about this cutting-edge technology and receive a complimentary consultation. Contact Don Kelly.

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Square feet of commercial space that has analytics deployed (less than 1/2%)
Number of cities whose mayors have committed to reaching ZNC by 2030-2050

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