EEI COVID-19 Facility Assessments

Facility Assessments to aid in the prevention of infectious airborne diseases like COVID-19

Our teams continue to monitor updates relating to COVID-19 and getting back to work. Specifically, we track resources from ASHRAE, OSHA, and the CDC to understand infection control guidelines as they relate to building systems. We found the recent article from the New York Times, Is Your Building Making You Sick or Making You Well? to be a pertinent piece that emphasizes the importance of infection control from a building systems perspective. As such, EEI is announcing a service line related to infection control so we may safely get back to work: COVID-19 Facility Assessments. More to follow; stay tuned!

Please take a look at the flyer we created to highlight this new service. We would love to discuss your plans further. Please contact EEI with your questions, comments, or concerns.