Education facilities are planned for a very long life and there are many needs and opportunities for cost reduction and energy efficiency.

K-12 school districts are challenged by the need to provide facilities that are supportive learning environments, and to do so with ever tightening construction and operation budgets. Districts utilize creative design consultants to construct cost-effective high performance buildings that can provide the required indoor environmental quality. EEI’s expertise helps districts achieve and maintain building performance goals with robust, reliable and maintainable building systems, with long service lives.

Higher education institutions face many of the same challenges and have many of the same goals, but applied to a diverse set of specialized buildings, from residential facilities, to central utility plants to research labs. One of the key elements to consistently delivering the promised performance is through the careful commissioning of the sophisticated control systems. EEI supports facility performance goals of institutions with traditional commissioning services, and more recently, monitoring-based commissioning through the integration of automated analytics with the building control system to maintain that performance over time.

For primary and secondary school facilities, our portfolio includes almost 300 projects across the United States. We have been instrumental on both public and private projects for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, vocational schools, and other K-12 school facilities.

For university and higher educational facilities, our portfolio includes almost 200 projects across the United States. These projects have included dormitories, classrooms, libraries, museums, laboratories, medical facilities, and recreational facilities.

Please see our featured projects, below, for examples of our past work on these types of facilities.

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