New Airport Launching in Utah

New Airport in SLC arrives on September 15, 2020

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The new Airport at Salt Lake City (SLC) will fully open for business on September 15, 2020! SLC serves more than 26 million passengers a year from facilities designed 50 years ago, when they intended to serve half as many travelers.

For the last 17 months, EEI along with our teammates, HDJV (Holder Construction and Big D joint venture), have worked over 7,000 hours on the new $4.1 billion facility.

This was a successful Commissioning Process Management project that highlighted our ability to integrate specialized services with the contractor’s team. EEI staff were outfitted with HDJV personal protective equipment. We worked as an extension of the contractor’s team to provide valuable commissioning services such as:

  • Overall site/project commissioning management
  • Building Automation System (BAS) coordination
  • Electrical commissioning coordination
  • Special systems coordination
  • Security and IT support/coordination

Kudos to EEI’s commissioning manager, Fred Jarvis, and our onsite team including Nikki Vehar and Louis Breaux. Technical support for Cx Alloy including audits on completeness by the trades as well as overall project support was provided by Denise Feery. EEI’s accounting staff handled all phases of the new airport to meet the invoicing requirements. Electric Power Systems served as a critical onsite sub-consultant.