200 and 250 Columbine Street Mixed Use Development

200 and 250 Columbine Street Mixed Use Development2019-11-09T12:02:36-07:00

Project Description

Project Description

EEI was engaged by Columbine Street Properties LLC. and Western Development Group to perform Design-through-Completion commissioning services for the 200 and 250 Columbine Street properties, adjacent mixed-use facilities in the Cherry Creek North pedestrian mall and business district in Denver, CO.

The buildings consist of approximately 138,900 SF of residential space; 92,840 SF of office space; 41,100 SF of retail space; and 119,100 SF of underground parking garage.

EEI is commissioning the following mechanical systems in the facilities:

  • Condenser water system
  • Hot water system, including snowmelt and associated pumps
  • Public and residential heat pumps
  • Rooftop air handling units
  • Exhaust and circulation fans (garage, utility, and residential)
  • Domestic hot water systems
  • VAV terminal units
  • Unit/cabinet heaters
  • Split systems
  • Building pressure checks
  • Building automation and temperature controls system, including front end integration

EEI worked diligently with the construction team to correct conflicts and deficiencies during the construction phase and to ensure implementation of energy savings recommendations post-occupancy.

EEI assisted the engineer by making recommendations to improve the control sequences for the snowmelt and condenser water systems. EEI also worked to resolve issues related to building pressurization and indoor air quality.

In 2017, EEI was engaged to perform an evaluation of the sub-metering strategy and its implementation for both 200 and 250 Columbine Street through detailed reviews of the installed meters and the sub-metering data collected for gas, electrical, water, and heat pumps. Subsequent correction of multiple sub-metering issues resulted in more equitable distribution of utility costs to tenants and condominium owners. Additionally, EEI reviewed the benchmarking results for each building to assess performance relative to similar buildings through ENERGY STAR, as mandated by the recent City and County of Denver benchmarking ordinance. The benchmarking effort highlighted the impact of correcting issues and implementing energy savings recommendations.

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Denver, CO


392,000 SF



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