Albuquerque High School Renovations

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Project Description

Project Description

EEI provided commissioning services for the Albuquerque High School Renovations project. This project included demolishing the interior courtyard and constructing a two-story addition in the interior space.

The new construction included approximately 23,000 SF, with renovations that encompassed 47,000 SF. New spaces included a cafeteria area with kitchen, a commons area, music room, and an administration area.

Three of the existing multi-zone air handling units were renovated with new VFD rated motors and ductwork modified to serve the new building configuration. Pneumatic actuators were replaced with electronic motors and the pneumatic thermostats were replaced with DDC thermostats, with the controls communicating with a new Alerton central Building Automation System(BAS). All remaining air handlers were modified with DDC thermostats replacing the existing pneumatics, time clocks, and override timers. These thermostats and controllers communicate with the BAS for monitoring and start/stop control.

The administration area and second floor music areas are served by a Mitsubishi Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system. Fan coil units are provided with filters and condensate pumps. Outside air is provided to those areas by two new Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) with electric heat for use when outside air is cold.

Specific benefits delivered to the APS by EEI include:

  1. Testing of the air handling units showed that they were functioning properly, controlling temperature in the spaces in both heating and cooling.
  2. Testing of the VRF systems showed they were installed and working properly.
  3. Testing of the DDC system and Building Automation System are working as designed. Remote monitoring, scheduling, alarming, monitoring, and trending and working properly.
  4. Testing of the lighting control system showed that control is working as designed.

Project Details


Albuquerque, NM


47,000 SF Renovation

23,000 SF New Construction







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