Amazon Rufus 2.0

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Project Description

Project Description

This multi-building, multi-phase office tower project for Amazon’s corporate campus consists of three full city blocks. Each block has a high-rise office tower and an adjacent low-rise specialty function building.

The first building, known as Block 14, is comprised of a 1,034,000 SF, 37-story office tower with 6 levels of underground car parking, bicycle parking, central utility plant and an adjacent 40,000 SF, 5-story conference center with a dining facility on the 5th floor. It houses a central heating water plant for the surrounding blocks.

The second building, known as Block 19, is comprise of a 1,034,000 SF, 37 story office tower with 6 levels of underground car parking, bicycle parking, central utility plant and an adjacent 6-story low-rise building, a conservatory building at the base of the tower which has a unique shape.

The third building, known as Block 20, is a 1,100,000 SF, 38 story office tower with 7 levels of underground parking and street level retail, as well as an adjacent 7-story auxiliary office building adjacent to the tower.

This project utilizes a district energy system. This system uses waste heat from a data center condenser water loop that is piped under the street to six heat recovery chillers. It creates district heating for five city blocks in the winter and adjacent buildings use the piping to circulate cooling in those loops in the summer. Each building also has thermal energy storage tanks used to store cold water and act as building pony chillers.

Commissioned systems included hot water systems/boilers, chilled water system/cooling towers, district heating system, thermal storage, air handling units, fan powered terminal units, VAV terminal units, exhaust fans, fan coil units, unit heaters, computer room ACUs, heat load testing, radiant floor, fin tube radiators, building pressurization, TAB verification, BAS sequences and alarms, BAS graphics and trends, BAS BACNET protocols, domestic hot water system, domestic cold water system, sewer system, storm system, stairwell/hoistway pressurization, emergency/standby power systems/ATS, load bank testing, fuel systems, UPS systems, lighting control systems, daylighting controls, and occupancy sensors.

Project Details


Seattle, WA


3,168,000 SF (office space)

800,000+ ST (specialty space)







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