Commissioning Projects for the Indian Health Service

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Project Description

Project Description

The Indian Health Service (IHS) is an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services dedicated to raising the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of American Indians and Alaska Natives. The IHS provides comprehensive health services for approximately 2.2 million people across 37 states. EEI provided commissioning, retro-commissioning, and assessment services for six IHS healthcare facilities.

Pine Ridge Hospital: This 45-bed facility serves a Sioux Nation population of over 17,000 and provides medical, obstetrical, pediatric, and surgical care. The hospital includes full service general surgery, an obstetrical ward, vision care and dental services. EEI conducted a study to establish a facility energy use benchmark and evaluate the adequacy of major mechanical systems, control systems, and the preventative maintenance program. This resulted in improved energy efficiency and building performance optimization via identifying the problems and making on-site corrections to generate immediate and long-term savings.

Eagle Butte Hospital: Eagle Butte was a retro-commissioning project for a 138,492 SF hospital in South Dakota. EEI performed system-wide VAV box analysis through the use of global commands to identify VAV boxes not working correctly. EEI then conducted further analysis of incorrectly operating VAV boxes. Our team reviewed the electrical systems installation and arc flash labeling and also coordinated a full scale power outage of the facility to determine if the generators were online in under 10 seconds. EEI also reviewed lighting levels and controls, domestic hot water systems, and building pressure during winter.

Quentin N. Burdick Memorial Health Care Facility: EEI provided retro-commissioning for a 27-bed healthcare facility in North Dakota that services over 14,500 Native Americans staffed by 25 providers. The medical center provides both medical and mental health services. EEI provided a system-wide VAV box analysis through the use of global commands to identify non-working VAV boxes which were then examined further. EEI also conducted a series of facility improvement measures designed to identify and implement energy saving measures throughout the project.

Winnebago Service Unit: The 13-bed Winnebago Hospital is a unique facility that houses both IHS services and Winnebago Tribal Health Services. In addition to the hospital, there is an attached 19,000 SF Drug Dependency Unit that receives steam and chilled water from the main hospital plant for heating and cooling and conditions the space.
EEI’s objectives included retro-commissioning services and an investigation to establish a baseline for benchmarking the facility. EEI identified and prioritized operational and maintenance enhancements in major building systems that resulted in improvements in infection control, energy efficiency, and maximal indoor air quality. EEI evaluated design adequacy of major building systems to ensure that infection control was achieved in critical patient care areas and evaluated system performance to design specifications while characterizing deviations. Finally, EEI optimized control systems whenever possible through calibration of sensors.

Woodrow Wilson Keeble Memorial Healthcare Center: EEI performed retro-commissioning services for the WWK Memorial building containing an outpatient department; pharmacy, laboratory, and x-ray facilities; behavioral health; nursing; dental; optometry; dietary; and dialysis departments. There is also space for patient care, administrative activities, mechanical systems, and storage.
This facility underwent a study to evaluate the adequacy of major mechanical systems, control systems, and existing preventative maintenance program. The intent of the project was to improve energy efficiency and building performance optimization by identifying problems and making on-site corrective actions.
Overall, EEI identified 74 facility improvement measures, 37 of which could be completed at no-cost. These measures provided the facility with a clear path forward to reduce electrical consumption, lower energy bills, and improve system operations.

Lower Brule Service Unit: EEI provided an assessment of various systems for this 10,000 SF recently expanded healthcare facility for the ground source heat pump system. IHS reported several HVAC and water issues to EEI that EEI investigated and reported upon. This report assisted the facility in making the necessary adjustments and recommendations for improvement to their systems.

Project Details



North Dakota

South Dakota



Pine Ridge Hospital: 143,000 SF

Eagle Butte Hospital: 138,492 SF

Quentin N. Burdick: 105,280 SF

Winnebago SU: 95,000 SF

WWK HC Center: 85,574 SF

Lower Brule SU: 10,537 SF


Pine Ridge Hospital: $84,000

Eagle Butte Hospital: $135,120

Quentin N. Burdick: $96,162

Winnebago Service Unit: $96,635

WWK HC Center: $101,135

Lower Brule Service Unit: $16,623





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