COPIC Building ENERGY STAR Certification and Re-Commissioning

COPIC Building ENERGY STAR Certification and Re-Commissioning2019-11-09T11:40:16-07:00

Project Description

Project Description

EEI was selected to provide Re-Commissioning and ENERGY STAR Certification services to the COPIC Insurance Building, a 4-story office facility originally built in 1999 in Denver, CO.

The re-commissioning project was part of a program provided by Xcel energy to customers with the goal of reducing electrical demand and consumption during the utility’s peak demand period and to reduce natural gas consumption through implementation of low- / no-cost building system performance improvement measures.  The overall re-commissioning evaluation was essentially a technical energy audit, focusing on demand reduction and including overall energy-efficiency improvements.

In 2015, EEI performed site investigations, data collection, engineering calculations, and provided recommendations and cost estimates to the COPIC building maintenance staff. The facility has seen a yearly energy cost reduction of over $32,000, with the entire project implementation cost at around $69,000; a payback period of 2.14 years.

In 2017, EEI was selected to provide ENERGY STAR Re-Certification. The building was originally scored at 69, which is above average, as discussed in our whitepaper on steps to Benchmarking success. The team at COPIC wanted to see further improvement in their building’s energy performance, and the EEI team made multiple recommendations that were successfully performed. The COPIC building scored a 92 in October 2017, confirming that the energy performance of the facility is among the most optimal in the City of Denver.

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