Jefferson County Sheriff Complex Remodel and Expansion

Jefferson County Sheriff Complex Remodel and Expansion2019-11-09T12:11:47-07:00

Project Description

Project Description

EEI provided full-service commissioning and related services for the remodel and expansion of the Jefferson County Sheriff Complex.

The project included:

1. Evidence – Crime lab expansion (11,500 square feet of new construction)

2. Replacement central utility plant (11,700 square feet of new construction)

3. Expanded and remodeled administrative areas (3,500 square feet of new construction)

4. Remodeled lobby

5. Expanded and remodeled court holding area (3,200 square feet of new construction)

6. Expanded exercise area.

New construction totaled 29,900 SF and remodeled areas totaled 25,300 SF. EEI provided extensive pre-design services to evaluate the systems in existing buildings (built at different times) to establish appropriate design criteria for the replacement central plant to integrate systems, serve new loads formerly on standalone systems, maximize energy efficiency, provide expansion capability for foreseeable future loads.

The replacement plant includes 2 500 ton chillers, with room to expand to 1,500 tons, cooling towers and a plate, and frame heat exchanger for free cooling. A 150 boiler horsepower steam boiler serves kitchen and laundry loads, and 5 6-million BTU/hr dual fuel, high efficiency condensing boilers serve heating and domestic hot water needs. The domestic hot water heating system integrated an existing high performance evacuated tube solar collector array for preheating. Dual 900 kW generators with paralleling switchgear provide emergency and backup power needs through multiple automatic transfer switches.

Project Details


Golden, CO


93,350 SF


$26.8 Million


Government, Municiple



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