Kaiser Permanente Independence Park

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Project Description

Project Description

EEI conducted a facility assessment of the Independence Park Administration building located in Downey, CA. This two-story, 120,000 SF building houses several office and call center operations with supporting mechanical systems to heat and cool the spaces appropriately. Independence Park was originally renovated in 2003, but there were several upgrades as a result of installation issues that caused additional problems.

This building is critical in servicing Kaiser’s members, and so EEI’s scope of work involved creating a process to address the issues previously identified by the occupants.

There were two parts to this process – a facility assessment and re-commissioning.

The focus of the facility assessment investigation was to ensure proper operation of the systems that had been a cause of concern for some time. EEI developed maintenance scopes of work to correct the issues uncovered.

After the improvements and corrections were made, EEI worked to re-commissioned the equipment to keep it maintained for longer.

The primary commissioned systems include the AHU, terminal units, heating hot water plant, chilled water plant, TAB verification, and HVAC controls and GUI.

Project Details


Richland, WA


120,000 SF



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