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Project Description

Project Description

Headquartered in Findlay, Ohio, Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC), together with its subsidiaries, including Marathon Petroleum Company LP and Speedway LLC., is one of the largest petroleum product refiners, marketers and transporters in the United States.

A recent expansion of the campus included two office buildings, two parking garages, and an outdoor plaza space for employees and contractors, known as the Marathon Green. The project provided more than 550 additional office work spaces and approximately 1,000 additional parking spaces.

After construction completion, EEI was selected to perform a Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) system assessment and master planning services for the entire Findlay campus. The assessment included the Donnell, Marathon, Marketing, Service, MPLX, and Administration Buildings, as well as the Central Utility Plant, Generator Building, Rental Car Garage, and the Parking Garages.

The scope of work included evaluation of systems for capacity and functionality, energy efficiency and balance, and compliance with building codes and standards. Our report reviewed each system, provided recommendations for system upgrades, developed conceptual scopes of work and order of magnitude cost estimates for recommendations and prioritizing and/or phasing our recommendations.

Evaluated systems included HVAC (to include heating, cooling, humidification, ventilation and controls); HVAC systems to be evaluated for plant, air handling, and space environmental control (zoning); plumbing (domestic hot and cold water); electrical (building service and distribution); and emergency power.

Project Details


Findlay, OH


794,869 GSF


$80 Million (total construction cost)

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