Morris Hospital Infrastructure Renewal

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Project Description

Project Description

EEI’s Infrastructure Renewal team was hired by the Morris Hospital to provide mechanical and electrical infrastructure upgrades throughout the hospital. The first phase was converting the chilled water system to variable volume pumping with updated BACnet controls. Subsequent phases will be air handling unit restoration and upgrades, upgrading of all controls to current version BACnet controls, and a host of other smaller projects to modernize the systems and resolve performance issues.

The Phase 1 project significantly improved the mechanics and performance of the chilled water and condenser water systems. Of the three 500 ton chillers, our team was able to reduce the chiller need to two chillers with the third machine now in reserve, when the hospital facilities engineering staff originally thought they needed to invest in a fourth chiller. The greater efficiency obtained by revising pumping and distribution saved over $1 million in capital expense, as well as reducing cooling energy use, which will continue year over year. Of the 21 pumps originally in use, only 8 remain, and only 4 of the 8 will be required at any single time. All cooling equipment (other than chillers) is now variable speed in lieu of constant speed, creating significant part load cooling system operational savings.

EEI was able to complete the project $125,000 under the original $750,000 budget by spending more time confirming what did and did not have to be done before proceeding with design and construction. EEI purchased all equipment associated with the project and hired the project contractors on a time-and-materials basis, versus a traditional lump-sum fee. Collaborative working relationships between all parties to implement a well-defined plan contributed to team enthusiasm and productivity.

The team completed more work than was originally scoped and budgeted, and the hospital now not only has efficiency and spare capacity, but cooling energy dashboards that sum up total cooling energy use. The project was delivered a month ahead of the three month schedule and was operational in late March before the cooling season arrived, with fully automatic operation in early April 2018.

The approach on this project set the stage for the Integrated Project Delivery approach the Hospital team is now using for overall hospital renovations and additions now in process.

Project Details


Morris, IL


86 beds, 1,100 employees


$625,000 ($125,000 under budget)

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