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Project Description

Project Description

Morris Hospital & Healthcare Center is a not-for-profit, 89-bed hospital located 55 miles southwest of Chicago in the heart of Grundy County. EEI was selected to perform a mechanical, electrical, and plumbing infrastructure assessment and master planning services.

A number of issues identified by the hospital will be addressed in the assessment, including  freezing of the chilled water system; chilled water system capacity to support expansion; utility power capacity to support expansion; consolidation of emergency power loads on the two newer, larger generators; dedicated HVAC systems for surgery; multiple small steam boilers remaining from previous construction programs; pneumatically controlled devices with winter freezing of condensate in the pneumatic lines; and lack of system documentation for electrical power and chilled water.

Systems evaluated include HVAC (heating, cooling, humidification, ventilation and controls); HVAC systems evaluated for plant, air handling, and space environmental control (zoning); plumbing (domestic hot and cold water, sanitary and storm drainage); medical gases (oxygen, medical air, vacuum, etc.); electrical (building service, distribution, and motor control); emergency power; and life safety (fire alarm, fire protection, and smoke control).

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89 Bed Hospital



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