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Project Description

Project Description

Holder Construction retained EEI to perform commissioning readiness support services on this complex data center project. These services drastically improve a facility’s performance during commissioning, which benefits the project budget and schedule.

Our team provided a variety of review, oversight, verification, and assistance efforts that we detailed in weekly reports. Our reports noted progress and identified issues that were impacting the project schedule. We attended all commissioning meetings to facilitate issues resolution, and we used Cx Alloy to manage tasks and follow through on issues.

EEI’s Commissioning Readiness Support Scope

  • Generate weekly reports detailing project progress and issues impacting the schedule
  • Attend all Cx meetings to facilitate issues resolution
  • Use Cx Alloy to manage tasks and follow through on issues
  • Review electrical conductor heat dissipation calculations
  • Review coordination studies
  • Review BAS sequences of operation
  • Review EPMS proposals to provide comments outlining inconsistencies
  • Backcheck all breakers and relay settings to verify that they follow coordination studies
  • Review and monitor system start-up, pre-functional, functional, and integrated scripts
  • Provide improvement recommendations
  • Oversight Responsibilities
  • Equipment delivery
  • Component verification documentations
  • Verification Responsibilities
  • Verify equipment installation to check QA/QC oversight and compliance with specifications and owner standards
  • Verify that all BAS/EPMS points are mapped correctly and complete before functional testing
  • Commissioning Responsibilities
  • Assist in system start-up
  • Assist in issues resolution
  • Assist in completing pre-functional scripts
  • Verify that equipment operations per the design documents/sequences of operation
  • Assist in deficiency close-out

Project Details


Henderson, Nevada


300,000 SF




Data Center



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