Oñate Elementary School

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Project Description

Project Description

EEI provided LEED commissioning services for Phases 1 and 2 of the Oñate Elementary School Kindergarten/Classroom Addition projects.

The Oñate Kindergarten consists of a new, one-story, 9,730 SF kindergarten/preschool building with one pre-school classroom, three kindergarten classrooms and an art classroom. The lobby/break area is designed to accommodate community activities, student/teacher daily breaks.

The two-story classroom building consists of eight classrooms, a computer lab and a physical therapy room. A covered outdoor seating area is provided. Corridor width was enlarged so that books, coats and backpacks could easily be stored, while minimizing classroom disruption and maximizing classroom storage.

Mechanical equipment for both facilities includes variable refrigerant flow fancoil units, energy recovery ventilator with electric reheat, a split system air conditioning unit, electric unit heaters, exhaust fans, an exhaust hood with fire suppression, a gas domestic water heater with circulating pump, and carbon dioxide sensors for monitoring levels. A building automation system controls and monitors the mechanical equipment.

A photovoltaic system was installed with panels on the roof, and inverters installed in the electrical room. The system was tied to the existing school power source.

Project Details


Albuquerque, New Mexico


Phase 1: 9,730 SF

Phase 2: 15,613 SF


Phase 1: $4.42 Million

Phase 2: $5.49 Million

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