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Project Description

Project Description

The Computational Sciences Facility (CSF) and Biological Sciences Facility (BSF) are located in Richland, WA. These projects encompass one half each of a building on the PNNL campus. EEI was hired to perform services for an energy / water audit based on ASHRAE level 1 protocols and analysis, as well as for the recommissioning of HVAC, building automation, and lighting systems for both facilities.

EEI was responsible for performing both audit and recommissioning activities simultaneously and providing an individual report for each service. The scope of work for the recommissioning portion of the project included development of a recommissioning plan, a facility walk-through with maintenance staff to review equipment and systems, collection and analysis of available energy and non-energy performance data, development of functional test procedures, reviewing TAB reports, functional performance testing for all major HVAC and control systems, development of energy efficiency measures and capital investment opportunities, development of operations and maintenance measures, and delivery of a final summary report.

Commissioned systems included rooftop air handling units, variable air volume units, fan-powered terminal units, fan coil units, computer room air conditioning units, building monitoring system, water heaters and circulation pumps, and lighting control system.

Project Details


Richland, WA


144,400 SF


$55 M

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