Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center

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Project Description

Project Description

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center is built on a former Environmental Protection Agency Superfund site.  Being subject to close public scrutiny, the Visitor Center needed to focus on sustainability and demonstrate good stewardship of the land.

Educating the public on past mistakes and encouraging future generations to make the right choices was an important factor in the consideration of the building design.  This is a large reason as to why the building focused on green features and is anticipated to achieve a Gold LEED rating.

The visitor center is 12,476 SF and includes an administrative wing, lobby, exhibit hall, auditorium, and classroom.  Sustainable features include building the site on previously distributed land, water efficient landscaping that allows plant species to survive without any irrigation or use of potable water, a geothermal heating and cooling system, and the use of daylighting.

The following recommendations were made to correct the observed problems to achieve appropriate thermal comfort, improved system reliability, and improved energy efficiency:

  • Install a continuous air barrier to prevent wind driven air from entering the building.
  • Correctly balance the makeup/exhaust airflows to achieve positive building pressurization.
  • Duct public restroom exhaust fan into the DOAS unit for increased heat recovery.
  • Replace the classroom Heat Pump (HP #2) with a higher capacity unit.
  • Add an energy recovery ventilator to the admin exhaust fan to provide fresh air.
  • Replace the heat wheel motor and VFD.
  • Replace geothermal circulation pumps to increase flow rate.
  • Correct outstanding controls problems.
  • Add BAS controls for the electric unit heaters and cabinet heaters.

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