Salt Lake City International Airport – Airport Redevelopment Program

Salt Lake City International Airport – Airport Redevelopment Program2020-06-08T11:41:11-06:00

Project Description

Project Description

The SLC Redevelopment Program, led by the Salt Lake City Corporation’s Department of Airports, is a massive project that will span ten years and revolutionize the experience of travelers

Our team is providing commissioning process management to prepare the general contractors for third-party commissioning later in the project. As the Commissioning Manager for Holder Construction, EEI will have up to three staff members working full time on this project for over a year.
In 2019, SLC was the 25th busiest airport in North America and the 85th busiest in the world. As its role as a major travel hub evolved, the old airport could not support the increased traffic and security needs. Our services will facilitate a smooth commissioning process by identifying and eliminating issues before they create delays or rework. We will represent the trades and interface with the airport’s end-users and commissioning provider.

EEI’s Services

  • Commissioning process management
  • Scheduling milestones
  • Meetings and meeting minutes
  • Sequence of Operations coordination and review
  • Building Automation System graphics review
  • System installation coordination and status review
  • System readiness support/planning
  • Document control
  • Commissioning support/oversight
  • Pre-testing
  • Maintaining Cx Alloy and auditing
  • Witnessing system start-up
  • Representing the trades and interfacing with the end users and the third-party commissioning provider

Photo courtesy of the Salt Lake City International Airport Authority

Project Details


Salt Lake City, Utah


2,100,000 SF





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