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Project Description

Project Description

The Seattle Public Library (SPL) spends hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on energy costs. The building buys steam from the District Energy Plant, and the facility owners wanted to find a way to reduce energy consumption and costs while maintaining a state-of-the-art facility for the thousands of patrons who visit every day. SPL enlisted EEI to assist them with reducing energy consumption.

The team of experts at EEI set up a combination of Recommissioning (RCx) and Monitoring-based Commissioning (MBCx) for the Library and began tracking data in real-time using Balance software. EEI uses the BalanceCx platform for both RCx and MBCx. BalanceCx enables EEI engineers to apply analytics to real-time data from a customer’s Building Management System (BMS) and quickly discover issues with the customer’s energy operations.

Once the data became available in real-time, the tags from the Siemens system were mapped to Balance. This mapping process, which took a few hours and was performed by EEI, ensured that all the analytics were applied to the data right out of the box. This mapping process also gave incredible scale-ability to the BalanceCx analytics solution. Analytics were ready for all 85 assets a couple of hours after data transfer started. EEI engineers also wrote custom analytics modules, but that was easy to do in Balance using the Expression Builder (EB).

After the analysis, EEI engineers customized the dashboards in BalanceCx to get it ready for SPL. The Opportunities Dashboard keeps a running tab of items that need to be fixed per the analytics in Balance. The analytics generate alerts that EEI engineers monitor and analyze before passing on to SPL, ensuring that SPL maintenance staff is not inundated by bad alarms (false-positives). Once an alert is generated, BalanceCx also tracks the length of time before the alert is resolved. Key results to date have included:

  • Year-over-year energy savings from July 2016 to November 2017 is 27%, representing over $47,000 in four months and 530,000 KWh
  • Additional water and sewer savings realized

Project Details


Seattle, WA


363,000 SF


95% spent on electricity

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