University of Washington Molecular Engineering Building

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Project Description

Project Description

The University of Washington Molecular Engineering Building is the nation’s largest molecular engineering building. This LEED Silver facility consists of a 28,000 SF basement, an 8,000 SF sub-basement, and 4 above-ground levels, each measuring about 12,000 SF. The total building is just around 90,000 SF including hallways, utilities, and common spaces.

The building was awarded LEED Silver for energy savings, water efficiency, carbon dioxide emissions reduction, and other measures. Project highlights include long-term planning for a second building connected to the first and designs for things like natural ventilation in office spaces, a partial green roof, natural lighting, and storm water management.

Commissioned systems include research lab envelope tightness, autoclave systems, HVAC systems and controls, domestic hot water and lab hot/cold systems, natural ventilation system, process cooling water system – heat recovery chiller, pure water system, natural gas system, lab gasses and air and vacuum systems, ductwork and piping distribution systems, TAB verification (10% back-check), lighting and day lighting controls, HVAC interface to fire alarm system, and emergency power system testing.

Project Details


Seattle, WA


90,000 SF


$77 M

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