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Project Description

Project Description

The Veterans Affairs Humidity Control project presented a unique challenge for the VA’s hospital. The VA had reportedly undertaken two previous projects to try and address the extreme dry air conditions that had been occurring in the Operating Rooms (OR) during extremely dry weather events (known locally as a “Santa Ana event”). During these weather events, the ORs would become extremely dry to the point where applicable regulations prevented OR staff from operating on patients, causing a significant disruption in hospital operations.

The two projects prior to EEI’s involvement fell short of accomplishing their primary goal of installing humidification equipment and controls to prevent the ORs from reaching a dry condition. On the third attempt (and third design), the VA decided to get a Commissioning Agent involved for the first time in order to use the rigor and structure of the commissioning process to verify the performance of the OR environmental conditions. EEI stayed involved by reviewing and commenting on the design by calling on our expertise and familiarity with environmental control systems. EEI was able to utilize experience gained from similar projects to provide input at all stages of the project to ensure that performance would be met once the systems were installed. Once installation was complete, EEI worked with the contractors and vendors to simulate tests to demonstrate its effectiveness.

During the next “Santa Ana event”, the system was left to run in automatic without human intervention and trended by the Building Automation System (BAS). Upon analyzing the trend data, EEI was able to confirm that the equipment had operated as expected during the weather event and that acceptable humidity levels were maintained in the ORs.

Commissioned systems included the steam generator, steam distribution tubes, and condensate return pumps.

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