Schools and Airborne Infection

Reopening Schools? Facility Airborne Infection Resources are Now Available!

A challenging issue for facility administrators is how to prepare schools for safe reopening this fall. CU-Boulder just released the publicly-available COVID-19 Airborne Transmission Estimator. This tool provides semi-quantitative results for airborne infection risk probability for SARS-CoV-2 virus transmission; a difficult metric to predict up to now.

Reopening Schools? Facility Airborne Infection Resources are Now Available! 

Reopening facilities now has more guidance for owners and operators!

A recently released additional resource, ASHRAE’s “practical recommendations and checklists” page offers guidance to slow the spread of viruses through HVAC systems in schools. This is a good place to start, however, every facility is unique. We recognize that solutions must considers climate, building type, occupancy use patterns, operational protocols, and HVAC system configuration when assessing facility health recommendations. Additionally, we offer longer-term airborne infection strategies to achieve the end goal of reducing risk of indoor infection rates to an acceptable level. Please reach out to EEI for an initial consultation; we’re here to help!