Update: COVID-19 Airborne Concerns In the News

Last week, we posted a story about the likelihood of COVID-19 being an airborne virus. Since then, quite a few news stories were published addressing the very topic. Today, we would like to share a few more interesting resources that were published over the weekend.

  • NBC Nightly News broadcast on July 2nd covers the importance of air filtration. Most buildings are designed with partial or full recirculating air systems. We may mitigate infection spread when we upgrade to higher efficiency filtration in existing HVAC systems. Some researchers now believe that HVAC systems may have the potential of spreading virus within the space as particles are redistributed with recirculated air. Check out the video here.
  • Over the weekend, The Washington Post and multiple other news sources began covering this story about scientists urging the WHO to consider airborne infection as a possibility with COVID-19.

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